The hardest thing about becoming a mom (besides the lack of sleep),
would be opinions and judements.
Friends, haven’t judged me for breast feeding because it’s my own choice and I didn’t judge their decision to put their children on formula.
Friends, haven’t judged me for going back to work even if they are stay-at-home moms.
Friends, haven’t pushed me to start solids because I can decide when my child is ready.
Friends, haven’t judged me on how I put my child to sleep because I do what works for me.
Friends, haven’t judged me for co-sleeping because if it works for me, then that’s okay.
I haven’t judged others for putting their babies in their own rooms, as each mom has the right to decide what is best for their family.
 Yes I have been co-sleeping (here comes the judgement that happens when some people see my daughters cot in my room next to my bed). I find with breastfeeding, it helps to “dream feed” and put her right back to sleep (it’s not always as simple as it sounds. haha). I feel that we do what works for us. 
 I have read sleep sense and baby wise but none of those methods have worked for us. There is the ‘cry it out method’ and I am a result of that method (Maybe that’s why I am so emotional, Just joking mom…)
We cannot even begin to compare routines with others, there is so much more than comes into play. Through teaching children and now through having a child of my own, I have learnt that every child is DIFFERENT. What works for me, may not work for another and visa versa.
Instead of making spiteful remarks, (eg: “You are creating bad habits”, “your child is spoilt and needy”)
Maybe we should support each other in the journey of motherhood. We begin to label other moms as a ‘good mom’ or a ‘bad mom’ through the methods we have tried or what we think is the ‘right way’.
You don’t know how much a mom was up the night before,
You don’t know how much help a mom gets (if any at all),
You don’t know if a mom doesn’t feel good enough even though she us doing the best she can.
Being a mom isn’t a walk in the park and everyone does what it right for them.
Once in a while all you need to hear is you are doing is good job.
Is your child fed?
Is your child happy?
Is your child loved?
WELL DONE on being a good mom and doing the best that you can.
I think you are doing a great job !!!
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