The day arrived. It had been such a journey getting to that point and we were finally on the way to meet our miracle baby girl.

We entered the hospital, completed the odds and ends of the paper work and made our way to the maternity ward. Room B3. We were booked for 3 nights but at that point we didn’t have any knowledge that we would be staying a bit longer…

They checked Kayla’s heartbeat at around 7 am and we had a good laugh about the ancient machine that was still in use. Allison (Justin’s aunt) joined us while we waited until it was time.

Justin was nervous and very quiet but we prayed together and that helped ease our anxiety. Then, After a very long morning (which felt like ages), we were told it’s finally time to go in.

They wheeled me into theatre. Justin changed into his scrubs. Then we were told by the anesthesiologist that we had to wait another hour or so as my gynecologist, Dr Van Tonder had an emergency dentist procedure.  Nerves were shot, OH and starving too of course.

We finally went into the room. They inserted the spinal which wasn’t sore at all, then the catheter.

We met our pediatrician, Dr Greef. Turns out he was also my doctor 27 years ago in the same hospital.

 The procedure was so quick and the anesthesiologist filmed it all. He also took lots of pics, I selected a few of my favorite for this post.

Kayla was born at 14:09

 Justin got to cut her cord but he couldn’t see the procedure or else he would be man down and miss out on all the fun. So he distracted me behind the scenes.

As they handed her over. There were more tears, she was beautiful. I imagined that she would be, but not this beautiful.  Perfect in every way. Dark hair. Piercing blue eyes, so tiny. We just stared at her and then they tucked her
into my arm and wheeled us into recovery.

She got her first hiccups outside of the womb and we filmed that too:

Off we went back to the maternity ward.

I tried to breastfeed her numerous times and she gagged every time we tried. She also vomited, it was green, but all the nurses assured us that this was normal. Right.

We limited our visitors so we could soak up the first few hours we had with her. That evening, Tamzin- Justin’s sister and Allison came by. They held her. She slept (like a baby).

That evening we kept her in the bassinet that was in the room, she was up most of the night. We tried to feed her. Changed her nappy. Cuddled. Put her down to sleep. She was crying quite a bit as she wouldn’t really feed and the nurses wanted to top her up with formula and we were against this as we wanted her to be exclusively breastfed.

Justin looked up a few things on Google (mans best friend) that evening to see if what we were experiencing was normal. Something seemed to be off but we weren’t sure what.

What an amazing day, the best day of our lives. Its very difficult to describe this miracle.

We finally had our family of 3 and Kayla was an answered prayer.

The day after birth, Kayla was admitted for observation to find out what was causing her feeding problem. That evening, the 13th, she was going to have abdominal surgery.


In the next post I will go into details about Kayla’s surgery and the journey in NICU.

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