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The Strongest most Gentle mother

I have hacked my wife’s blog to write this post just to show my wife how truly awesome she is.


Looking back at out journey so far I can only but stand in awe of how incredibly resilient and tenacious Case has been on this journey. My wife has this inner strength that I can only look at in wonder and envy.

Firstly in conceiving, after miscarrying and being told by numerous doctors, friends and family; “Oh, it’s fine, your still young, you have plenty of time.” Whilst the exact opposite is true, you should not be having fertility problems so young, so surprisingly these kinds of statements brought no comfort (as a side note … I have realised that no one actually knows what anyone is really going through.)

After the journey of conceiving and giving birth, Case was thrown another curve ball : Our daughter had a bowel obstruction (at the time they diagnosed our daughter as having duodenal atresia). This warranted an operation under general anaesthetic where the surgeon makes an incision, pretty much along the entire width of the torso just above the belly button and repairs what needs to be repaired. This was probably the lowest point so far (other than being told Case has an end organ problem and may need to consider a surrogate) – Another side note…doctors have opinions, family have opinions and sometimes friends have opinions but the only opinion I have learnt and still learning to be concerned about is God’s opinion, and His opinion is that we are going to have the desires of our hearts.

After having given birth and being in a crazy amount of pain Case started walking between her room and Kayla’s NICU unit and never complained about the excruciating pain I knew she was in. Shortly after, Case needed to start expressing milk for Kayla…so after bearing a child for 9 months and giving birth now she needed to have her breasts squeezed by a stranger to get the colostrum out. I could see this was painful but again, not a single complaint. When Kayla was eventually discharged from the hospital (after what felt like forever…but was 2 weeks) Casey continued to breast feed and still does.

Here we are 9 months later, Case is back at work and expresses during the day at school, then feeds Kayla when she is home and wakes up numerous times during the night to feed her as well. (there is an added stress as Kayla still doesn’t want to take Casey’s milk from a bottle, so tends to starve herself in the day.) It has been an emotional journey being back at work for my wife as she doesn’t want to miss a thing as Kayla develops and at the same time doesn’t want to miss the stimulation of teaching and impacting her children at school.

All this being said, all I can say is I have the utmost respect for my wife, for her emotional strength blended with her gentle, caring and understanding nature. For her tenacity in not submitting to the rants of opinions and rather pushing through waking up to feed despite how tiring being on her feet with twenty-five 5 year olds all day is.

I love you my beautiful wife.



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