A Letter To Kaylee On Her First Birthday.

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A Letter To Kaylee On Her First Birthday.

I clearly remember the day of your birth. Our dream had become a reality. You were in NICU for a few weeks after birth but as I reflect on this, you have come out stronger than ever! God has his hand on you and you have been such a blessing from the day of conception.

In the beginning of your life I had no clue about what I was supposed to do but you taught me so much through the precious moments we have had together. We have both grown so much this past year!
You have taught me what it feels like to have my heart outside of my body.
You have taught me how to function on little sleep.
You have made me so much stronger.
You have taught me to be completely unselfish.
You have taught me patience.
You have shown me a love like no other.
You have shown me that God’s timing is the best timing!
We used to stay up late, googling and trying to figure out why you wouldn’t take a bottle or why you wouldn’t eat solids, why you had chronic constipation. We had peoples opinions,

feeding specialists, occupational therapists, countless pediatricians, dietitians, gastric specialists trying to figure out what we can do to help you (with new ‘solutions’ to try which barely helped)

Yet, here we are today and you are thriving at 10kgs- weaned off of all your meds and  you have gotten there through minimal solids and a lot of moms milk.

There were times that were so hard and frustrating, especially when you got up hourly to make up for the lack of solids during the day but  you have shown me that I can face anything and I would do anything for you my girl.
I am grateful to spend my days with you, watching you laugh, dance, hug and kiss and give so much love to those around you it brings me so much joy.
Thank you for the best year of my life.
Thank you for choosing me to be your mom my love bug.

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